February 22, 2018

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Shukan Post Reports Sho Sakurai Dating TV Asahi Anchor

A tabloid, Shukan Post ( 週刊ポスト)reported that a member of Arashi, Sho Sakurai (35) has been dating Ayaka Ogawa (32), an assistant anchor of Hodo Station. Shukan Post is a weekly magazine and is released every Monday. This news was reported on the February 27th issue. The article included a photo of Sakurai and Ogawa talking in front of TV Asahi. Shukan Post reported that they Also recognized Sakurai’s presence on a balcony at Ogawa’s apartment.

Ogawa has been working as an assistant anchor of Hodo Station since 2011. Although many members of Hodo Station dropped from the show when the main anchor, Ichiro Furutachi resigned in March of last year, Ogawa remained on the show. Shukan Post reports that TV Asahi had Ogawa stay on the show, because of Ogawa’s high skill as an assistant anchor. 

Source http://www.news-postseven.com/archives/20170226_496604.html         


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