November 19, 2017

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Shuntaro Torigoe To File Criminal Complaint Against Tabloid

On July 20, the office of Shuntaro Torigoe announced that his lawyers were preparing to file a criminal complaint against a tabloid magazine, Shukan Bunshun for an article published in the July 28 issue. The article reports that Torigoe invited a 20 year old female college student to his second home at the foot of Mt. Fuji to celebrate her birthday. While she was there, he kissed her against her will, and pressured her to take it further. The woman resisted his pressuring, and he only ended up kissing her. This incident took place in 2002 when she was a sophomore and single. The story was brought to the tabloid by her now-husband, who is angry at Torigoe due to the emotional trauma caused to her by the incident, including suicidal thoughts.

In the announcement issued by his office (and endorsed by his two lawyers), Torigoe stated that these allegations are baseless. His lawyers soon plan to file the criminal complaint in the Tokyo District Court alleging that the story is intended to interfere with the election, and that it is character defamation.

Earlier in July, Shukan Bunshun also reported a scandal involving another candidate, Yuriko Koike. According to Bunshun, Koike did not report the expenses from two political fundraisers held on March 12, 2012 and June 25, 2012 as political expenses. Instead, she reported them as “conference costs.” Bunshun reported that this could be a violation of the Political Funds Control Law. The allegation was reported by July 6, but it has not appeared to affect Koike’s popularity.

Bunshun reports Torigoe’s inappropriate relationship with the woman as an “allegation” (疑惑). The woman is not willing to reveal her identity or to talk about the incident in public. It has only been revealed by a third person, her husband.

There are only ten days left before the gubernatorial election on July 31.



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