January 19, 2018

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Transcript of Speech by Akie Abe Posted on Akie-Leaks

On April 10th, a full transcript of the speech by Akie Abe made on September 5th 2015 was posted on Akie-Leaks, a website that pledges to keep on posting pieces of evidence regarding Akie Abe’s involvement in the Moritomo Gakuen scandal. The transcript is available both in pdf and html. According to the testimony by Yasunori Kagoike, she gave 1000,000 yen to him as a donation after the speech on this day. However, both Akie Abe and Prime Minister Abe denied this.

In the message leading to the transcript, there is a text that says, “There will be displayed all of the words that Akie Abe spoke on the day that the 1000,000 yen was given.” Interpretations that are of varying degrees of differences from answers in the Diet can be seen in the transcript. For example, Prime Minister Abe’s ‘expectations of Mizuho no Kuni Memorial Elementary School’ and his comment on the name of the school, Abe Shinzo Memorial Elementary School’. The pdf format is long, but please utilize it in order to compare how answers in the Diet by Prime Minister Abe and government officials are different from the understandings of Akie Abe.

Below is the translation of bullet pointed sentences and underlined sentences in the transcript.

■ My husband thinks that the educational philosophy of this school is wonderful. If they were to name the school, “Abe Shinzo Memorial School” he would like for it to happen after he steps down.

I am Akie Abe, Shinzo Abe’s wife. I heard many times of the passionate feelings of Principal Kagoike and the vice principal many times. I had been thinking that I wish I could be of service to the creation of Mizuho no Kuni Memorial Elementary School.

My husband

He said he would love to stop by (Moritomo Gakuen)  if only he had time.

My husband regards the educational philosophy of this school as wonderful.

It is not the case that the Prime Minister is always held in high regards; sometimes he will be the subject of criticism.  If the school name includes Shinzo Abe, the students could be bullied and the school could be blamed with questions such as, “why would you name the school with this name?” Therefore, if they were to include Shinzo Abe in the name of the school,  he would like for it to happen after he steps down.

■ By reading out loud, “kotodama” runs through their bodies.  (Kotodama are the spirits that exist in words.)

I believe that Japanese words are “kotodama.”

Kotodama runs all over through people’s bodies and creates humanity out of each one of them.

It would be unfortunate for the human cores that have been cultivated in the kindergarten to become unstable at a public school. It is important to strengthen the core during elementary school.

After that, I started a group, “suzuran kai” with people who were managing that facility (知心学舎) that does reading out loud of (documents).

■ My husband and I have been assigned with a mandate from God and a mission.

My husband served as Prime Minister once and now he is serving a second time, which was said to be impossible. This makes me believe that he was assigned a mandate from God and that I have been assigned a mission.

The rest will be posted soon.


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