December 14, 2017

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Two Roles That Politics Should Play

Bunta Sugawara was a prominent actor and he appeared in many movies since his debut in 1956. He passed away on the 28th of November in 2014 due to cancer. A lot of his fans and people in the movie industry praised his accomplishments and mourned the loss.  He was also known as an activist who advocated for pacifism and an anti-nuclear power program, and he often made speeches in rallies. His last speech was on November 20th in 2014, and was made in Okinawa.

There are two roles that politics should play.

One is to not let citizens be starved, and to let them eat food that is safe.

The second is to never wage war! This is the most important role.

This speech touched a lot of citizens’ heart and is known to be a very famous speech among activists.


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