January 21, 2018

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Umimachi Diary


Umimachi Diary is a comic by Akimi Yoshida that tells the story of four sisters (Sachi, 29, Yoshino, 22, and Chika, 19)  who live in a house near Gokurakuji station in Kamakura left by their grandmother. The three Koda sisters began living with their grandmother after their parents divorced due to their father’s adultery, followed by the subsequent remarriage of their mother. After their grandmother passed away, they continued to live in the house. 15 years after their father left them, the sisters are informed of their father’s death. They then head to a remote hot spring resort in Yamagata Prefecture, a northern part of Japan, where their father lived with his third wife, and Suzu,  his 13 year old daughter from his second marriage. After the three sisters meet their half-sister for the first time in Yamagata, Suzu decides to live with the three in Kamakura. Seven volumes of the graphic novel have been published.

A live action movie based on the comic was released in 2015, and won four Japanese Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Lighting).

Gokurakuji Station

Gokurakuji Station


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