January 21, 2018

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Yoshiko Sakurai

Yoshiko Sakurai is a journalist who has worked in the Tokyo office of the Christian Science Monitor and was an anchor for a Japanese news show between 1980 and 1996. Sakurai is a supporter of the security legislation. She has written books supportive of constitutional reform and also established an organization to advocate for constitutional reform.

Sakurai has a similar opinions to Prime Minister Abe with regard to security issues. On August 13, several scholars and commentators, led by Sakurai, issued a statement demanding quick adoption of the security legislation. The statement said that the use of the right of collective self-defense is within the confines of what the Constitution allows. It also emphasized the growing threat from North Korea and China, and addressed the need to adopt the security legislation. It claimed that the bill is intended to prevent war, therefore, it is not a “War Bill.”
The organization led by Sakurai includes constitutional scholars who support the security legislation. Since most constitutional scholars oppose it, they are a minority within legal academia.


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