February 18, 2018

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Yuji Ayabe Lands on New York

Yuji Ayabe, a member of comedy duo, Peace finally left for New York on October 11th, 2017. His partner, Naoki Matayoshi saw him off at Narita Airport. When Ayabe left the airport, he was wearing a black T-shirt with an iconic phrase “American Dream.” Matayoshi reported his departure on his twitter @matayoshi0 on the same day.  Ayabe announced that he would move to New York to pursue a career as an actor in fall, 2016. His plan to leave for New York was postponed many times since then mostly due to difficulty to obtain a VISA. On October 12th, Ayabe opened his instagram account @yujiayabe, and reported his arrival in New York with a photo of himself sitting on his suitcase in front of Times Square. He commented on the photo saying, “this is where I start.” In the photo, he was still wearing the same printed T-shirt.


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