November 19, 2017

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Yuriko Koike “ I’m Fighting with a Part of Toren”

Yuriko Koike is a candidate running in the Tokyo Gubernatorial election and according to the polls, she is the leading candidate at the moment. When she declared her candidacy in June, she asked to be endorsed by her party, the LDP. However, the LDP did not endorse her and instead endorsed another candidate, Hiroya Masuda.

Due to this, the conflict between Koike and the LDP has been heavily reported by media. The conflict has exercebated to the point that the chairman of the Tokyo division of the LDP, Nobuteru Ishihara, was quoted by Sankei News saying “ from this day on, I no longer consider Yuriko Koike to be a person who belongs in the LDP”. Though at current she still remains a member of the party.  

In an interview with Gendai which was posted online on July 27, Koike stated that it is not that she is fighting with the LDP, but that she is fighting with a part of Toren (the Tokyo Division of the LDP), beyond this, it may actually possibly be that she is fighting with one person within Toren.



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