February 22, 2018

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Yuzuru Hanyu Doing Very Well This Season


Yuzuru Hanyu (21), the Japanese figure skater who won the gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, is doing very well this season.  

He has taken 1st place in three championships so far this year, setting a new world record. By winning the Japan Figure Skating Championship this december, he has now won the competition four years in a row.

He took second place at (a match) in Canada (10/31~11/1, 2015).

The three competitions where he took first place are:

NHK Cup Championship (11/27/15-11/29/15)

-In short program in NHK Championship, he scored 106.33, breaking the world record of 101.4 he previously set at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.  In the same competition, he also broke the records for free program (216.07) and combined total score (322.40)

In the Grand Prix Final which was held place in Barcelona  (12/10-12/13), Hanyu scored 219.48 in the free program and broke the world record for free program again. He also broke the world record for overall score by earning 330.43.

During the Japan Figure Skating Championship (12/25/15~27), he fell while attempting to land a jump both in the short program and the free program. Because of this he did not break any world records, however he still earned a good overall score over 300 and won 1st place.

Between November and December, Hanyu appeared made many media appearances including magazines and TV shows.  During an appearance on a very popular music show called Kohaku Utagassen, he served as one of nine judges and also introduced a song called “Ray”, by his favourite band, BUMP of CHICKEN.  After the show, Hanyu stated that he really enjoyed the show.

Hanyu picked a unique theme for his free program. The theme was a movie “Seimei Abe” which is based on the dark fantasy novel by Baku Yumemakura. Seimei Abe was a real person who lived in Japan from 921 to 1005. Seimei was a onmyoji which is a job which includes fortunetelling and spiritual matters, something like a seer or a diviner.  

In addition to his looks, Hanyu’s outstanding scores in recent competitions accelerated his popularity among Japanese women. Hanyu is popular in other Asian nations as well.


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