24 Hour Television “Love Saves the Earth”

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24 Hour Television “Love Saves the Earth” is a charity TV show that is broadcasted annually by NTV (Channel 4) on the last Saturday and Sunday of August.

This year the show will air on Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 23rd.

The show began in 1978. 24 Hour TV was inspired by the experience of Takahiko Tsuzuki, a producer of NTV, who saw a Labor Day Telethon in the United States. When Tsuzuki saw the show, he thought that a similar 24 hour charity TV program could be created in Japan.

24 Hour contains a variety of programs such as performances by various singers, dance competitions, a drama show based on a real story of people who fought courageously with serious illnesses, and disability. One program featured individuals completing significant physical challenges, like climbing up Mt. Fuji, the tallest mountain in Japan. Another physical challenge in the show documents an individual who attempts to run 100 kilometers within 24 hours. This 100 kilometer marathon catches people’s attention most, and a new individual participates each year.  A wide variety of people have undertaken this challenge including a comedian, singer, and actress.  This year, DAIGO, who is a vocalist in a group called Brakerz, will undertake the challenge.

Theme song for 24 Hour TV, Sarai

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