Aqua Collagen Gel: a New Generation of All In One Gel

Aqua Collagen Gel was released by Dr. C: Labo in1999.  It created a new genre of skin care products in the Japanese skin care industry: the all in one gel. The Aqua Collagen Gel functions as lotion, moisturizer, serum, skin whitener and even a make up base.  The Aqua Collagen Gel costs 7776 yen for 120 grams. When compared to the total price of other individual skin care products, it is far more economical choice.  Since the release in 1999, the Aqua Collagen Gel has become a bestselling item.  Following the success of Aqua Collagen Gel, many cosmetic companies created their own “all-in-one gel” skin care product.  Not only has the Aqua Collagen Gel created a new genre of skin care products, it has also made the use of gels more popular.  Aqua Collagen Gel is created under the supervision of Dr. Shirono who owns Shirono Laser Clinic groups.  Shirono Laser Clinic is known the laser cosmetic surgery. Being created under the supervision of a doctor, the gel is reliable to consumers.  The gel includes no scents, colors and artificial oils that can be harmful stimulus towards the skin. Because the gel is gentle towards the skin, it is the preferred choice at the Shirono Clinic after laser treatment.

In addition to free samples that you can order by phone, they offer a variety of sizes for their collagen gel products. For example, the Aqua Collagen Gel Moisture EX is available for  2,160 yen for 25 grams. 3,780 yen for 50 grams. 7,776 yen for 120 grams. 9,720 yen for 200 grams.  So, there is little risk to the consumer.  You only need to spend money on them after you’ve decided whether or not you like them.

In October, 2013, Dr. C: labo released the Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX which has an effect to lift up one’s skin.


Dr. C: labo released Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift in December 2007, which is the first version of the Aqua Collagen Gel with lifting effects. In 2009, Dr. C: labo released a revised version of the product, with the name changed to Enrich Lift EX.

Then, in October, 2013, Dr. C: labo released the Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift EX which has an effect to lift up one’s skin.

The Angel of Water:  Skin Treatment Gel  by  Vivido

The Angel of Water is another popular all-in-one gel item.

In addition to playing five skin care roles, a lotion, an emulsion, serum, skin whitener and makeup base,  the unique factor of the Angel of Water is that it uses the water of the cleanest river in Japan, Anabuki River in Tokushima Prefecture. Anabuki River was chosen  as the cleanest river in Japan for more than 17 consecutive years by the research of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.  It costs 1,500 yen for 50 grams, 3,619 yen for 150 grams and 5,524 yen for 250 grams.  The Angel of Water is quite popular and has sold more than 9,000,000 in Japan so far.

DHC Medicated Moist and Whitening 0.3 % and Placenta Collagen All in One Gel

DHC is a line of skincare items and cosmetics. Also DHC sells supplemental tablets and dietary foods. DHC also produces all in one gels which are quite popular.  DHC Medicated Q Quick Gel Moist and Whitening plays five roles, a lotion, emulsion, cream, mask and makeup base. It contains an anti-aging vitamin called 0.3 % coenzyme Q10. It has no scent, artificial coloring(the color of the gel is yellow it is the color of the vitamin), or paraben(an artificial preservative). Another all in one gel of DHC is “Placenta Collagen All in One Gel” which is geared towards women in their 20’s. It contains moisturizing ingredients abundantly like placenta and collagen. It does not contain color,  scent, or artificial preservatives.

CHIFURE Moisture ALL in One Gel

Chifure’s all in one gel plays six roles, a lotion, serum, emulsion, cream, mask, and makeup base.  A good thing about the All in One Gel by CHIFURE is that it’s a very affordable 800 yen. Moreover, they have a refill option, which is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Why “ All In One Gel” become so popular in Japan?

The all-in-one gels by these four companies are just a few examples of all-in-one gels.  There are many more primarily sold online. The ingredients are different in each product, but the idea of one gel playing multiple roles is the same. One may criticize that even though they are an “all-in-one gel” they are not enough and people often feel like using more skin care items in addition to the all-in-one gel.

But the fact that the all-in-one gels of several companies have sold more than a million and the fact that there are more than a dozen companies who have created all-in-one gels and are currently sold in Japan is that they are very well received by Japanese people.

I have not heard about whether or not skin care companies of other regions in the world are making and selling all-in-one gels, so I assume this phenomenon of the emergence and popularity of all-in-one gels is only in Japan. Here is a question: Why do Japanese people like all-in-one gels so much? I argue that there is something about a compact product that Japanese people like. For example, Japan was a forerunner of innovation of ic chips and electronics. Since Japan’s land is smaller when compared to other countries the tendency to favor convenience has developed through history, and this demand for convenience was met with a rapid economic growth after WWII when compact products like IC Chips started to emerge.

This tendency to favor convenience can be what inspired the doctor to manufacture the all-in-one gels and why they are so accepted by many people.

Another reason is that all-in-one gels are time saving. For example, in Japan most women have much less time to spend on their skincare and makeup after they get married and have children so the all-in-one gels are perfect for them.  All-in one gels are a very time saving skin care method, so this is good product for people do not have much time.

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