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Austin Mahone Roots For 24 Hour TV Marathon Runner

The runner for the 100 kilometer marathon for 24 Hour TV was announced to be a comedienne named Blouson Chiemi on the first day of the show, August 26th. The announcement came at around 8:40 pm, which is one hour and 40 minutes after the show started. Usually the distance for a marathon is 100 kilometers, but it was shortened to 90 kilometers for this year’s marathon. An American singer, Austin Mahone rooted for her on the 27th by tweeting “Good luck Chiemi you got this!” After she made a goal at 8:48 pm on 27th, he tweeted “Congrats!!”, and Chiemi answered “Done!!!!”  Bluson Chiemi became popular for a skit featuring a career woman, and Mahone’s song, Dirty Woman is used as the background music during the skit. Previously they have collaborated in TV shows such as Gyoretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Jimusho’s show aired on April 23rd 2017 and Music Station’s show aired on July 21st, 2017. Dirty Work Blouson Chiemi Remix came out on June 28th of this year. The first time they exchanged messages on Twitter was on February 15th, when Austin tweeted “Hey what’s up? Dirty Work is charting on iTunes Japan?!! CRAZY! Thank you for the support!!!” and in reply to this, Chiemi tweeted back “Hey Austin! THANK YOUUU! Thanks to your song “Dirty Work,” my skit is really popular! I love your music!” on the same day.

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