Becky On Temporary Hiatus

On January 28th, Sun Music, the influential agency which represents entertainment personality Becky, announced that she will take a one month leave of absence from all of her professional commitments. Sun Music commented that Becky has been emotionally and physically affected by the scandal.  

In their January 16th issue, Shukan Bunshun first reported that Becky was having an affair with Enon Kawatani, vocalist of the popular band, Gesu No Kiwami Otome (ゲスの極み乙女). The news shocked the Japanese public and media, as the allegations are completely contradictory to her good girl image. She was the face of ten advertising campaigns, however since the allegations became public she has been dropped from all ten.

It has also been announced that she will not be appearing on her regular TV shows for the time being. For a while after the scandal broke, Becky appeared on her shows as usual, however there have been many complaints from the public. For example, one TV station which aired a show on which Becky regularly appeared received over a 1000 complaints every 10 minutes, with these phone calls primarily being from housewives with children. They claim that Becky is “not a positive role model”, and wonder, “how am I supposed to explain this to my children?”, adding, “You shouldn’t expose children to an adulterer.”

On January 29th, the CEO of Fuji TV (Channel 8) stated that although adultery is not a crime, he understands that there are a lot of viewers who feel uncomfortable with her presence on TV.

He stated that as far as her future on Fuji TV is concerned, he would like to discuss the matter further with her agency.

March is a time of year in Japan where TV shows update casts and revamp formats, so she could be permanently dropped from her regular TV appearances after April.

The January 14th issue of Shukan Bunshun reported published photos that were taken at a hotel, as well as ones of them visiting Kawatani’s parents in Nagasaki over the new year. A photo of a LINE conversation between the two was also taken from a cellphone.

The January 21st issue of Shukan Bunshun published an interview with Kawatani’s wife where she denied knowing about their relationship before Bunshun reported it.

The  January 28th issue of Bunshun elaborated further on Becky and Kawatani’s relationship, including photos of a LINE conversation that they exchanged one day before Becky held a press conference denying anything improper between the two.

However, in the LINE conversation, Becky stated “Tomorrow I will keep saying we are “friends” no matter, lol,” which practically admitted a relationship between the two. The LINE conversation  final straw and fueled criticism among the public which led to her hiatus from TV. However, there are those who say that the second set of LINE photos could be a fabrication. Neither Becky nor Kawatani have commented on the LINE photos.

As the coverage of the affair intensifies, and the public’s hysterical anger grows, there are those who say the criticism goes too far..

For example, Nikkan Gendai reported that this scandal has turned into a witch hunt. Furthermore, the ethics of releasing personal LINE conversations to the media have been questioned.   


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