Becky Returns to TV After Hiatus

On May 13th, entertainment personality Becky ended her hiatus from television with an appearance on the TV program Kin Suma. The majority the hour was dedicated to an interview with Becky and the host, Masahiro Nakai. For most of the show, Becky appeared on the edge of tears as she discussed the recent scandal which has plagued her career and personal life.  Becky mentioned that she met Kawatani and was intrigued by him, but was unaware that he was married until after she started spending time with him. Despite his marital status, Becky and Kawatani shared a mutual attraction, and agreed to start dating officially after Kawatani’s planned divorce. In the meantime they decided to put the brakes on their feelings.

When Nakai asked Becky if she had lied when she stated during her press conference in January that there was no doubt that she and Kawatani were just friends, Becky admitted that she hadn’t been completely honest.  

The interview was taped on April 30th, during which, Becky mentioned that she would be meeting Kawatani’s wife to apologize. The actual apology took place on May 2nd, after the taping of the interview. According to the tabloid Shukan Bunshun, Kawatani’s wife knew that the show was being taped before the apology, and she sent a letter to Becky’s agency protesting the timing of the interview. However, after the apology, Kawatani’s wife forgave Becky for everything and wished her good luck in the her future.

Throughout the show, Becky never referred to Kawatani by name, instead saying “dansei (男性)”, the Japanese word meaning man.

A Youtube video of the interview is titled  金スマ ベッキー 復帰

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