Breakfast at Viron



Brasserie Viron serves breakfast between 9 am and 11 am. Breakfast at Viron is very popular, as are lunch and dinner, so on weekends there are often very long lines to get a table. The reason for its popularity is that you get a large amount of extremely tasty bread and abundant amounts of luxurious jams, honey and quotidien cream as well as either tea or coffee for 1500 yen.

You can have all you can eat from six different types of jam. The jam is produced by MIOT, a French jam maker who won 1st place in the world’s jam contest three years in a row. MIOT does not use preservatives or artificial colors. Most of the fruits used by MIOT is organic.

In addition to regular flavors like Raspberry, Apricot and Orange, you can try more unusual jams such as Rhubarb, which is not common in Japan. Rhubarb is a plant similar to the Japanese plant Fuki, and is very common in France.  Rhubarb is often eaten as jam and in pies.

Breads on the breakfast menu include baguette, slices of wheat bread, and a selection of pastries from a basket that a waiter brings to you.

If you cannot eat everything,  a waiter or a waitress will be happy give you a bag to take the rest home upon your request. Taking the leftovers home from a restaurant is not common in Japan, so this option is very popular.

If you like the Miot Jam, you can purchase it on the 1st floor.











             Viron Shibuya is located in front of Tokyo Honten


Tokyu Honten

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