Chairman of Upper House Gives Warning to MP Yamamoto

On September 25, the chairman of the Upper House, LDP MP Masaaki Yamazaki summoned MP Taro Yamamoto and reprimanded him over his protests, saying that his behavior degraded the integrity of the chamber. The chair warned Yamamoto that the next time he does a similar thing, there is be a possibility of him having to resign as an MP. Yamamoto apologized to the chair and said that they were meant to be his way of expressing that he sees a collapse of democracy. He also added that they were not appropriate in hindsight.

Yamamoto’s protests including doing gestures of funeral, gyuo and shouting between September 17 and 19 obtained support from many citizens who opposed to the Security Legislation. However, among those who supported his protests, there were people who didn’t want him to apologize, and there were those who were disappointed at his backtracking ( withdrawal, they think that an act of his apology is backtracking). Yamamoto was reprimanded by co-leader of his party, MP Ichiro Ozawa for doing a gesture of shoko, one of the rituals of Buddhist funeral.


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