Child’s Rendition of High School Bubbly Dance Became Popular

A video of a young boy looking to be around 5-6 years old boogieing to the bubbly dance performance by the Tomioka High School dance club was posted on Twitter by N. TAICHI @ bknb0402 on November 17th, 2017. The 2 minute video was embedded in a tweet with the comment, “a child of my acquaintance is too cute. Or rather, his dance moves are incredibly sharp.”

Due to the high quality of the dance, the video became very popular, and the tweet with the video was retweeted 177, 566 times, and liked 439,817 times as of November 26th.

The dance club at Tomioka High School in Osaka is one of the most competitive dance clubs in Japan and won second place in a championship for high school dance clubs called the dance stadium in October. The bubbly dance was inspired by Nora Hirano’s skit of young women’s fashion that was popular during the bubble economy period in Japan. This fashion is characterized with jackets with big shoulder pads, permed long hair, and heavy makeup.  

The video has since also been posted on youtube. Since the movements of the child are almost exactly the same as in the performance by the Tomioka Dance club, a video that compares the TDC’s dance and the child’s dance side-by-side has been created and shared.

Below is the youtube video title of only the child dancing.


Below is the side-by-side comparison video.


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