DAIGO is a singer and entertainer. He is also the grandson of Noboru Takeshita who was Prime Minister between 1987 and 1989. He is exclusively dating the stunningly beautiful actress, Keiko Kitagawa. Japanese media reports that they are soon to be married.

DAIGO is a rock singer and a member of a band called Brakerz. He often appears in entertainment TV shows, making funny comments.

Although Noboru Takeshita wanted DAIGO to become a doctor or a politician, he pursued his dream to be a rock singer.

Growing up in a well connected family, people assume that he must have had a very happy life as a child. However, he claims that he was often unhappy because of his family background. For example, Japan adopted a consumption tax during the time Noboru Takeshita was in office. DAIGO, then ten years old, felt hostile vibes from his classmates due to the implementation of consumption tax. His home room teacher even said to him “your grandfather adopted a ridiculous tax system.” Recalling the situation at that time, DAIGO states his own approval rating dropped along with his grandfather’s due to implementation of consumption tax.

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