DPJ Obtains Secret Audio Recording of MP Amari’s Secretary Requesting a Lexus

On February 16, Democratic Party of Japan (the biggest opposition party and the second largest party) released a 40 second audio recording of a conversation between a construction company official and MP Amari’s secretary. The conversation was recorded secretly in a cafe near Amari’s office and included dialogue between a construction company worker and Amari’s former secretary. In the clip, the two discussed the purchase of a Lexus car in return for MP Amari’s intervention into disputes between the company and the Urban Renaissance Agency.

The DPJ also released a transcript of the conversation, which depicted a conversation where the construction company official asked the secretary to bring a Lexus catalogue. The transcript also included the conversation where the secretary asks another secretary what kind of Lexus Amari likes.

In the Budgetary Commission of the Lower House on February 16, DJP MP Hiroshi Okushi said that this was sufficient evidence to show that MP Amari’s office was demanding that the construction company official buy a car in exchange for political intervention.

In response, Amari’s office released a statement saying that their lawyers were investigating the issue.


Huffington Post

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