Flowers by Naked Inc. 2017-Risshun-

An exhibition titled “Flowers”  is being held in Nihonbashi from February 2nd to March 20th. “Flowers” is an exhibition featuring  installations and some digital art flowers of spring. “Flowers” was also held last year and was very well received attracting approximately 150000 visitors.  This year’s exhibition is similar to last year’s, but although there are various flowers of spring, this year there is more emphasis on cherry blossoms.  They have also added a dancing performance by two dancers and an installation of a dress. Two female dancers are hanging out in the cherry blossom area, and they dance once  every 15 minutes. Dancing performances with a backdrop of digital flowers are fantastic,  and they are just like fairies that dance around the flowers. They are also happy to explain the installations and take photos with guests.  Another interesting thing that was not included in last year’s exhibition, is a collaboration with the fashion industry. A dress designed by Keita Maruyama is on exhibit near the bar counter. The dress is featuring cherry blossoms, and by using a blue obi belt integrates a Japanese aspect into a western style dress. This exhibition is a great way to experience the beginning of spring in the heart of Tokyo.

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