Flowers By Naked Inc. Summer Version

An exhibition, Flowers by Naked Inc., will be held at Tokyo Midtown Hall in Roppongi between July 30th and August 31th. This exhibition is the summer version of an exhibition with the same title which was held in January and February. The January and February exhibition, which had a spring theme, was subtitled himitsu no rakuen, which roughly translates to “The Secret Garden”; this exhibition was quite popular and attracted more than 70,000 guests in the month. The upcoming summer version of the Flowers by Naked exhibition is subtitled miwaku no rakuen, which roughly translates to “The Alluring Paradise”. Flowers by Naked – The Alluring Paradise is made to evoke summer in each of the five senses – touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. The exhibition provides a summer oasis in this busy central area of Tokyo.

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