Habel Haus Saves People In Floods

During the floods which took place on September 10th in Joso city along the Kinugawa river in Ibaraki prefecture, a house built by Japanese housing design company Habel Haus was the only one still standing, and also helped stop two houses being washed further down. Also, the house diverted the rushing water so that a stranded man holding desperately to a telephone pole was able to avoid be taken away by the current.

Self Defense Forces managed to rescue the man on the telephone pole, an older couple and two dogs on a nearby roof, as well as several other people who had taken refuge in the white house. Soon this was reported, the price of  Habel Haus stock  got higher.  Habel Haus is a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei, a large technology company comprised of many departments including clothing, electronics, pharmaceuticals etc.

ヘーベルハウス Habel Haus,  親子 parents and children, ら etc., 数人 several people, 犬 dogs, とand, 夫婦 a couple, 電柱  telephone pole, おじさん a middle aged man,  茨城 Ibraki, 常総 Joso, The image has been retrieved from i0.wp.com/francepresent.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/COiWotTVAAA-B89.jpg

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