Haruka Christine

Zurich city center with boat on river Limmat, Switzerland

Haruka Christine, 23, is an entertainer whose father is Japanese and mother is Swiss.

Haruka is fluent in Japanese, German, French and English. She was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. She dreamed of living in Japan since she was a child and finally made that dream a reality in 2008 when she moved by herself to become an entertainer. She likes politics so much that one of her hobbies is to visit the Parliamentary Building in Nagatacho, Tokyo, where she waits in front of the building to see MPs. She was surprised to learn that young people in Japan are not that interested in politics in general whereas in Switzerland, students often talk about politics for fun during breaks. In 2013, she published a book about Japanese politics titled Haruka Christine No Omoshiroi Seiji Japan which roughly translates to Haruka Christine’s Interesting Politics Japan.  

She became popular due to her covers of Japanese comedians’ skits in French and German. For example, she did a cover of Yoshio Kojima’s skit, “Son Nano Kankei Ne (roughly translates as That’s irrelevant) ” in French. Another example of her great covers of Japanese comedian’s skits was “Kachi Kachi Yazo” in German.

Son Nano Kankei Ne By Yoshio Kojima

Kachi Kachi Yazo by The Bunguru                                    retireved from blogs.c.yimg.jp

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