Hayao Miyazaki Restates Opposition to the Henoko Base

On January 28, academy award winning animated film director Hayao Miyazaki again expressed opposition to the construction of a new US base in the Henoko district of Nago in Okinawa. His comments were made in response to reporters’ questions after he had attended the Human Legacy Conference hosted by Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation, where he talked about Hansen’s Disease.

Miyazaki said that the waters around Henoko should be preserved for the benefit of the people of Okinawa and noted that in order to win this political battle, perseverance would be necessary. He also added that there are too many bases in Okinawa, and that there is not enough space in Japan for a new base. As for the administration’s argument that the Henoko base would enhance Japan’s military deterrence, Miyazaki said that it is ridiculous to manufacture a sense of crisis among the public by making reference to things such as the Chinese Navy’s enhanced capabilities.

On Prime Minister Abe’s eagerness for Constitutional reform, Miyazaki said that there are so many people who went through hardships during the war that he wouldn’t be in favor of changing the Peace Constitution while they are still alive. Moreover, he said that if Japan had to change it then he would like it to be on the very last day of this world.

In May 2015, he was inaugurated as a co-leader of Henoko Fund at the request of opponents of the base. In July, 2015, he held a press conference at his Studio Ghibli alongside the host of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club and expressed his opposition to the construction of a new US base in Henoko. Therefore, this was the second time for him to officially express his opinion on the issue.

( Source: http://ryukyushimpo.jp/news/entry-212375.html )

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