Hershey’s Chocolates

Retrieved from showa.mainichi.jp/news/1945/09/post-da0a.html

After the end of WWII, the Japanese military was dismantled and Japan was placed under the administration of the United States military for a period. US military personnel, who would often patrol Japanese cities, gave out Hershey’s chocolates to begging Japanese children. Often, many children would chase US military vehicles shouting “Give me chocolates!” in English. When Japanese children did this, the US military personnel often dropped a lot of Hershey’s chocolates from their vehicles. The children loved those chocolates, but it was also a fun game for them. The phrase “give me chocolates!” became famous among Japanese children during that time. Because of this, even among older Japanese people who do not speak English, they will often know this English phrase. Some of these older Japanese people still reminisce about this particular piece of their childhoods and proclaim that “the Hershey’s chocolates the US military gave me were so delicious!”military gave me were so delicious!”


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