Hitoshi Matsumoto “Things Should Not Stay The Way They Have Been.”

Hitoshi Matsumoto

Hitoshi Matsumoto is a member of a popular comedy duo called Downtown. Currently, he appears on a show called The Wide Na Show(ワイドなショー), which covers current issues.

Matsumoto’s comments on current issues in this show is popular among his viewers because he conveys his opinions from the perspective of a regular citizen using simple words and concepts.

On July 19, broadcast of The Wide Na Show, he talked about the pushing through of the Security Legislation at the Lower House. He supports the legislation.

“I think we were able to predict that the legislation could make it this far when the LDP won with overwhelming majority in the previous election [in December 2014]. However, the way the bill was adopted is crazy. I know that there are many noble opinions among the public such as “We Oppose War!” and “Peace is good!” I think Prime Minister Abe believes these things too. I think everybody on the planet, including animals, believe so too (except for people who make money from war). I have heard all of these. But even in a situation where you are driving with a seatbelt, have a valid driver’s license, are sober, are looking straight ahead and driving within the legal speed limit, you can be suddenly be hit from behind or side. In such a situation, even you say “please don’t get into car accidents,” does it help at all? I think right now Japan may be in such a situation. Japan will be the victim of a hit and run if it continues as it is. Therefore, I do not think that Japan should continue to stay like this.”


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