Institut Français



By Marc

Hello everyone! A few months ago, a friend of mine told me that Iidabashi is an area in Tokyo where you often run into French people.  I went to Lidabashi in January and I really liked it.

Over several articles, I will describe my time in Lidabashi in order to share my experiences with you.

The first place I visited was Institut Français. On the way to the Institute, I saw a French family walking in the same direction. I did not speak to them, but it was nice to just to see them. When I see French people in Tokyo like this, I always feel less alone.

The Institut Français is administered by the French Government, and looks just like a French university. It offers variety of services such as French classes, a media center, a movie theater, and information on studying abroad in France. Whether you’re French, or a Japanese person who lived in France, the institute is undeniably reminiscent of France.


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