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Junichi Ishida likes Italian clothing and food. He has a unique fashion policy to not wear socks, even when wearing shoes.

Junichi Ishida’s family, commonly referred to as the “Ishida Family” by the media, have been reported giving the following biographical information:

Ishida was born in Tokyo in 1954 to an NHK anchor father. He has been married three times, with one child from each marriage. His first marriage to a social activist was during his college years in the 1970’s. He had his first son, Issei Ishida, in 1974.

Issei Ishida is now 40-years-old and has been working as an actor since 1992. In 1978 debut was in an NHK drama. At the pinnacle of the bubble economy, he starred in many trendy television dramas that depicted the fashionable lifestyle and romances of people in their 20’s and 30’s.

In 1988, he married actress, Chiaki Matsubara, and in 1970, he had a daughter, Sumire. Sumire is currently working as a model and actress in Japan. In addition to her stunning asian beauty, she is known for speaking perfect English. In 1996, he had an affair with a young model and in 1999, he divorced. Soon after the divorce, Matsubara and Sumire moved to Hawaii.

In 2009, Ishida married the 34-year-old professional golfer, Riko Higashio. In 2012, they had their first son, Ritaro. Riko is now pregnant with their second child.

In spite of this complicated history, the Ishida family maintains a relatively amicable relationship with each other. His daughter, Sumire, forgives his affairs, saying that because he had flings, I was able to go to Hawaii. Ishida, Sumire and Issei even often appear on television together to talk about the family. In addition, Ishida’s current wife, Riko, invites Issei and Sumire to her house in Japan and Sumire’s mother and Riko often chat over the phone. According to Ishida, however, the conversations between them often end up with them talking poorly about him.

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Sumire interviews Miranda Kerr in English.

Junichi and Issei

Junichi and Riko

Junichi and Sumire

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