Japanese Media and Fans Speculate the End of Miki Ando and Havier Fernandez’s Relationship

Daily Sports reports that the relationship between Miki Ando and Havier Fernandez has possibly ended. They announced their relationship in 2014, having their lovey dovey relationship often reported on, and often posting photos of themselves on their twitter and instagram accounts. However, none of their photos have yet been posted on their social media accounts this year. There was a photo of Fernandez carrying Ando’s daughter as her twitter header, but the photo has been changed to a photo of sunlight and the wing of a plane. Ando was quite open to talk about her relationship with Fernandez on TV and they actually have appeared on a TV show together where Ando played his interpreter. However, when she appeared on TV on March 29th and April 3rd and was asked if she was still dating Fernandez, she refused to answer.


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