Javier Fernandez Leaves Message for His Japanese Girlfriend On Instagram


On December 18th, Spanish figure skater Javier Fernandez, (24) posted a photo of him kissing on the cheek of his Japanese girlfriend, Miki Ando, (28), with a message wishing her happy birthday. The birthday message started with “Happy Birthday My Princess!”

Miki Ando is a former figure skater who competed in both the Grand Prix and the Olympics. In 2014, she retired and has since worked as an entertainer, while also performing in ice skating shows. On November 26th, 2014, Ando announced that she recently started dating Fernandez on her instagram. On December 13th, she performed in the exhibition ice show which took place after the Grand Prix final in Barcelona, Spain. Before she started her performance, Fernandez introduced her as his important person. Fernandez ended up coming in second in the finals. Ando, having retired, only participated in the exhibition.

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