Kabuki Actor Ainosuke Kataoka and Actress Norika Fujiwara Confirm Romance

On August 28, Kabuki actor, Ainosuke Kataoka, 43, announced his relationship with an actress, Norika Fujiwara. The following day, Fujiwara, 44, confirmed their relationship on her blog .

Their relationship was reported first in May by Weekly Female Seven (女性セブン).

The magazine reported that they are living together in Fujiwara’s apartment, and she had already given him a key. However, when the relationship first came to light, both denied anything improper, claiming that they were just friends. Kataoka admitted that he had been to her apartment, but claimed it was only to use the hyperbaric chamber  that she had in her apartment.

At that time, Kataoka had been in a relationship with Japanese entertainer Asami Kumakiri, 35, for about two years.  The media speculated that Kataoka was dating both women simultaneously, and Kumakiri claimed that she had not broken up with Kataoka as of May. However, after the article was published, Kataoka claimed that while Fujiwara was just a friend, he had already broken up with Kumakiri.

Both Kataoka and Kumakiri offered conflicting statements on whether they had ended their relationship or not. Kumakiri appeared on a TV show called Miyane-ya (ミヤネ屋), and claimed that they had not broken up, breaking down and crying, which only increased interest in situation amongst the public.

After Kataoka moved out of their shared apartment, she admitted the end of their relationship.

In his blog on August 28, Kataoka claimed that he has never been in love with two women, or dated two women at the same time in his whole life. He said that the speculation about his relationship with Fujiwara  has only made their bond as friends stronger, and made him realize that she is an important person in his life.

On August 29, Fujiwara first apologized on her blog for announcing their relationship after it was revealed. She said that the deep friendship turned into romance, and they are connected by a solid trust, and she would like to cherish the relationship.

Kataoka was not born into a Kabuki family. He was born into a regular family, beginning his career as an actor when he was seven years old. When he was nine years old, he met Kabuki actor Nizaemon Kataoka, was invited to join the Kataoka family, and started his career as Kabuki actor.

He became popular among Japanese people who were not fans of kabuki in 2013 when he played the role of a gay elite bureaucrat who spoke in a feminine tone in a drama show called,  Naoki Hanzawa, 半沢直樹 which is the story of a Japanese banker.

Norika Fujiwara won Miss Japan  in 1992 which led to start her career as a model. After she modelled for several magazines, she became an actress. She is known for having a perfect figure, releasing a photobook called “ Perfect Body.”

As an actress she appeared in many TV dramas and she has played  the voice of Princess Fiona in the Japanese version of Shrek. She was previously married to comedian Tomonori Jinnai between 2007 and 2009. Fujiwara filed for divorce, citing Jinnai’s numerous infidelities.

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