Kochi Kame Exhibition

An exhibition to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of the comic, Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Hashutu-jo (Kochi Kame) is being held on the 8th floor of Yokohama Takashima-ya from March 17th to 30th. Kochi Kame is a story of a police officer, Ryotsu Kamekichi, who works at a police box in front of Kameari station in Katsushika-ku. Kochikame’s first publication was in a weekly comic magazine, Jump in 1976. Since then Kochikame has been published in Jump every week without fail.The amount of graphic novels have reached 200 volumes.

The author of Kochikame, Osamu Akimoto has been drawing Kankichi Ryotsu for 40 years, and he states that the facial expressions of Kankichi grew increasingly gentler as he continued to draw him for 40 years. When he started drawing him 40 years ago, Ryotsu’s faces were usually angry. At the exhibition, original illustrations by Akimoto, all 200 volumes of graphic novels, and original installations are displayed.

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