La Brasserie



The last thing I did during my visit to Institute France was going to eat at La Brasserie, a restaurant located just next to the Institute. The restaurant is managed by Institute France and plays an important role, spreading French food culture. When I entered the restaurant,  the waiter spoke to me first in French, saying “Welcome, this way please,”  and guided me to the table.

It was so enjoyable to have the staff, both French and Japanese, address me in French.

The interior was like that of a Parisian brasserie. I felt as if I was back in France. On the exterior of the restaurant, there is a large terrace recalling a little bit of the south of France. It is closed during the winter, but it must be nice to eat there in summer. I ordered an omelette and salad.  The omelette came with a basket of baguette with free refills. I devoured two baskets of baguette . Finally, I could not resist eating a gallete de rois. Everything really was like it is in France.

I think the Institute France, both the bookstore and the restaurant perfectly represent the art of French living.

By Marc

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