LOLA’s Cupcakes In Harajuku

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LOLA’s Cupcakes is a chain of cupcake stores founded in 2006 by two women London. Founders Victoria and Romy have been good friends and have been baking together since childhood. Starting off baking cupcakes for friends and family, they eventually became so adept that they opened their own cupcake stores, of which they have opened more than 10 in the UK, as well as international stores in countries such as France, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. In 2005, LOLA’s Cupcakes opened its first Japanese location in Harajuku, Tokyo. At the Harajuku store, the patissiers who trained at LOLA’s Cupcakes in London, bake and decorate each cupcake individually.

The Harajuku location has several original Japanese cupcakes in addition to the standards that are sold in London. The Japan cupcakes at the moment include Tokyo Vanilla, Matcha, Mont Blanc, and Yuzu Chocolate.

Two sizes of cupcakes are available: regular and mini. The two sizes allow customers a taste before buying a regular. Customers can also fill up on minis if they so prefer.

The store is located on the second floor of the Cascade building near Harajuku station.

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