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Louis Kurihara

Born in 1994 to a British father and Japanese mother, Louis Kurihara is a model and entertainer. Kurihara is fluent in both Japanese and English, and lived in New York between the ages of five and ten. He became popular for his extremely negative outlook on life.

He began his modeling career at the age of five. When he was 14, Kurihara began modeling in Men’s Non-no, the most popular male fashion magazine in Japan. He continued to model in fashion magazines and runways throughout his career. When in high school, he caught attention of the Japanese entertainment industry due to his extremely pessimistic personality in spite of his extreme attractiveness. Examples of his pessimistic comments include, “I will disappear from TV soon.”, “ Even if I fall in love with someone, I will fail 99.9% of the time.”, and  “There’ no benefit to being friends with me.” In Japan, as most places in the world, being pessimistic is one of the most unlikable characteristic a person can have. Kurihara’s success in spite of this is an extreme outlier. His photo book ネガティブですけど何か?, which roughly means “I am pessimistic, so what?”, was published in 2012. Following in the steps of his mother, a translator, Kurihara translated the picture book “The Little World of Liz Climo”. In his spare time, Kurihara enjoys performing tarot card readings, with which he is said to have accurate results.

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