Louis Kurihara’s Tarot Prediction on Becky Shown Accurate

Soon after the scandal involving entertainer Becky and singer Enon Kawatani was reported in January, twitter has blown up with claims that a tarot reading from two years by model Louis Kurihara turned out to be correct. Kurihara does tarot reading as a hobby and has reputation for accuracy. On a TV show in January 2014, Kurihara gave a reading on the future of Becky’s love life for the next six years. In 2014, Becky was 30 years old. During the reading, the cards foretold that Becky would decide to marry in 2016, but she would divorce in 2017.

Although the scandal involves an affair, it is reported that Becky wishes to marry Kawatani and therefore observers on the internet believe that Kurihara’s reading has come true.

Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVLhkaRMQEI

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