Matsuko Deluxe Expresses Fear About Reports in Tabloid Magazines

Pros and Cons on the Report that Pushed Amari to Resign

During the February 1 broadcast of the entertainment show Goji Ni Muchu (五時に夢中) on MX Tokyo, Matsuko Deluxe expressed concern over the nature of recent reports in tabloid magazines. Matsuko is one of Japan’s most popular onee entertainers. The phrase “onee” is used to describe men who have feminine mannerisms when they speak and identify as gay. Matsuko also dresses as a woman. He is known to be very articulate on a variety of subjects, and makes often comments on entertainment, politics and LGBT issues.

Matsuko made his comments in response to a question by the host of the show, Ryo Fukawa, who asked what he thought about reports in tabloid magazines that forced MP Akira Amari to resign as a member of the cabinet.  

His comment is as follows:

I think tabloid magazines are an important medium. Their important role is to condemn the things that should be condemned, and to present important facts to the public for its evaluation. There are many legitimate tabloids out there. However, [as I look at recent tabloid reports] the way they report stories seems to demonstrate an intention to destroy people’s careers. It is as if they are bullying someone weaker than them, even though I don’t think Mr. Amari is himself weak. I have never been the subject of an article on as large a scale as those about Amari, but I have been the subject of completely false reporting. It is fine if the public reads it assuming that maybe half of the report is lies. But correspondents who write for tabloids need to think about how they influence the public when they publish stories. Unlike previous generations, nowadays social media has become prevalent and information can be spread quickly to a lot of people. I feel a sense of dread about this since coverage of scandals is still being reported in the same way as before social media existed.

Matsuko Deluxe appears on TV shows as both a host and a commentator. He is very popular for his sense of humor and witty comments. He started his career in the entertainment industry at the recommendation of his friend Usagi Nakamura, who is a cartoon artist. He met her at a bar in Shinjuku 2-Chome, which is a LGBT-friendly neighborhood of Tokyo. They have become good friends.

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