Media Outlets Report Enon Kawatani Considering Break Up with Becky

Recently, several media outlets in Japan reported that Enon Kawatani, lead singer of the band Gesu No Kiwami Otome, is considering ending his alleged affair with disgraced TV entertainer Becky. For example, on February 7th, Asagei Plus reported that Kawatani was shocked at the impact of the scandal and the amount of press it has received. The February 23rd issue of Josei Jishin (女性自身) reported that Kawatani’s agency visited a TV station and requested that they stop attacking Kawatani. They also stated that Kawatani is considering breaking up with Becky and reconciling with his wife. However, on February 17th, Shukan Josei (週刊女性) PRIME reported that Kawatani wants to end both relationships.

On February 3rd, commentator Terry Ito stated on Hakunetsu Live Vivid (TBS) that if Kawatani were to break up with Becky, it would reorient public sympathy back towards Becky, and would in the long run be advantageous for her ailing career.

Despite Kawatani’s supposed misgivings, media outlets report that Becky wishes to remain in the relationship.

Soon after the scandal broke in January, Becky’s agency attempted to persuade her to end the affair, saying that if she continues to date him, she would be dragged into the muck of a love triangle. In spite of this advice, Becky appears to believe that in the end, they can make it work.  

Becky’s last public appearance was on her radio show on February 14th. At the moment, she is staying her parents’ house and her mother is taking care of her.


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