MP Hideo Onishi is Punished Due to Remarks about the Media

On June 25 and 30, MP Hideo Onishi, who is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party representing Tokyo’s 16th district, said that he thought the media needed to be punished. Ironically, he was punished by LDP on July 1. During the meeting of Cultural Art Council held on June 25, he said that the best way to punish media outlets is to reduce their ad revenue. Then, on June 30, he said to a group of reporters that he thinks that the media outlets reporting that the proposed security legislation will lead to war and ultimately conscription, should be punished. On July 1, Prime Minister Abe apologized MP Natsuo Yamaguchi, the leader of Komei Party which is a partner of LDP in the coalition government. He said he felt sorry that an LDP member caused trouble. The Abe administration has been damaged by recent statements of three constitutional scholars, who claimed that the proposed security legislation is unconstitutional. The administration’s approval marked its lowest point in June, at 45%.


Tokyo Shimbun July 2, 2015

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