MP Katsuei Hiranuma: “Is the Text Really Written by Woman?”

On March 10, Liberal Democratic Party MP Katsuei Hirasawa appeared as a guest on the TV show Shinichi Hatori’s Morning Show, which airs on TV Asahi. During the show he apologized for shouting “who on Earth wrote that?” when Democratic Party of Japan MP Shiori Yamamo was reading aloud the blog post written by a woman who was not able to find a preschool for her two year old daughter. There was other heckling from unidentified MPs in the chamber, such as “Reference? Reference!” and “Annoying!” and “Bring the author here!”

During the show, Hirasawa also made reference to the rough language of the blog post and asked “Was that text really written by a woman?” In response, actress Miho Takagi, who was a guest commentator on the show, stated “that’s irrelevant.”



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