MP Kensuke Miyazaki Allegedly Commits Infidelity

The February 18 issue of Shukan Bunshun reported that LDP MP Kensuke Miyazaki (35) is having an affair with female entertainer Mayu Miyasawa (34). Miyazaki married another LDP member Emi Kaneko (37) in May 2015 and they had their first baby on February 5 of this year. Both Miyazaki and Kaneko were referred to as “good looking MPs” and when they announced their marriage, a lot of media outlets reported it as being a marriage between good-looking MPs. Last year, Miyazaki requested child care leave for one to two months, and this was the first case of a male MP taking child care leave. In an interview to Asahi Shimbun, he stated that it is important for the two to take care of their child jointly. He added, “By taking child care leave, I think I can strengthen the policy, which is well-grounded.” His wife, MP Kaneko was going to take child care leave for three months.

The child care leave by MP Miyazaki was unprecedented, so there was both support and criticism from the public. However, MP Miyzaki was seen as ikumen(育メン), a Japanese word to describe a young father who is dedicated to the care of his child.

In response to the interview by FNN on February 9th, MP Miyazaki apologized for causing so much controversy.

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