Narratage is a novel written by Rio Shimamoto that portrays the forbidden love between a high school teacher, Hayama, and his former student, Izumi. Narratage is a theatrical term used to describe when a narrator tells a story in a recollection. As indicated by the title, the story unfolds as a narratage in the form of recollection by the protagonist, Izumi. While in high school, Izumi became attracted to a teacher there, Hayama, who was a high school theatrical club advisor. Although they were both intrigued with each other, a romantic relationship never developed between the two of them.

One day, about a year after graduation, she received a phone call from Hayama asking her to help him with the theatrical club. She decides to help, and as she becomes involved in the club’s activities, she notices that she still has feelings for him. Hayama also begins harboring complex feelings for her. Eventually, their relationship turns into a once in a life time romance which will be embedded forever in their hearts.

The novel was written by the 20 year old author in 2003, and published in 2005. Currently, a movie based on the novel is being shot with the direction of Sadao Yukisada, a prominent movie director especially for love stories such as Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2004). Jun Matsumoto, a member of a boyband, Arashi will be playing the teacher, Hayama, and an actress, Kasumi Arimura, will be playing Izumi. The movie is scheduled to be released on October 7th, 2017.

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