New Ride Opens at DisneySea

On May 12th, 2017, Nemo & Friends Sea Rider opened at the port discovery area in DisneySea. According to DisneySea, Nemo & Friends Sea Rider is a ride that is created with a new substance called Chiziminium, which makes both the ride and humans in the ride become smaller as small as the size of fish. The ride simulates a submarine ride and takes the guests under the sea to explore. A few days after the opening, the waiting time of Fast Pass was 2 hours in the morning, and the pass was finished by 2 pm. The waiting time for this ride without the Fast Pass was approximately 2 hours. This ride has height limitations requiring child passengers to be over 90 cm(35.4331 inch).

Food concessions offer food and beverages with packaging the ride are also sold nearby.   

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