Odakyu Railway Introduces Muslim Friendly Model Sightseeing Course on Enoshima

Odakyu Electric Railway created a model sightseeing course for Muslims and it  will be available on their website for viewing and a brochure is also available at the tourists’ center in Shinjuku and Fujisawa from March 31st onwards. The model was created through collaboration between Odakyu Railway company and Keio University. In the model course, a young Indonesian Muslim woman, Rahmalia Aufa Yzid and another young woman, Annisa Dwi Kanya walk you through various sightseeing spots in Enoshima. The spots includes a prayer space offered in Fujisawa tourist center and restaurants that serve meal without pork or alcohol, though it is not halal food.

Odakyu Electric Railway introduced a model sightseeing course on Hakone for Muslims last year too. It was created with Keio University and Kanagawa Prefecture, as well. But the people who appeared in the model plan were Indonesian Musulim married couples.

There are some Muslim tourists friendly policies in Japan. One example, is a prayer room for Muslims in Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku. The prayer room is located on the 11th floor of Takashimaya and it became available on October 11th, 2014. Takashimaya created this room because visitors from Indonesia and Malaysia are increasingly visiting Takashimaya.

Other example is LAOX in Shinjuku that offers prayer spaces and Muslim friendly products.

 The brochure of Enoshima sight seeing course is available at the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center for foreign tourists at the second floor of Shinjuku west exit. Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center is open from 8 am to 6 pm.

Below is a link of electric version of the model course.


You can see the photos of the prayer room in Takashimaya in the link below.



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