One Month Anniversary Rally Against Security Legislation

Scha Dara Parr

On Sunday, October 18, a rally commemorating the one month anniversary of the passage of the security legislation took place in Shibuya, Tokyo. The rally was led by the student political organization, SEALDs. In addition to the SEALDs members, MPs from opposition parties appeared in the rally and made speeches in turn. The four MPs who appeared were Akira Koike from the Japan Communist Party, Jiro Ono from the Japan Innovation Party, MP Tetsuro Fukuyama from the Democratic Party of Japan and Denny Tamaki from the People’s Lives Party, Taro Yamamoto and Friends. Commentator Shigeaki Koga made a speech as well.

In this rally, a professional rap group called Scha Dara Parr appeared and rapped “what is democracy?” SEALDs often leads protest chants using a rap rhythm. The raps by SEALDs members are quite good, but Scha Dara Parr’s performance was a professional rap. The rally participants were excited to chant the slogan with the rhythm of professional rappers.

A member of Scha Dara Parr name Bose said that he had been invited by SEALDs. He thinks that being invited by SEALDs is evidence that they are cool. He went to the rally because he wanted to meet Okuda, the leader of SEALDs. He said that that he likes SEALDs, and he regards them as geniuses for being able to lead a political movement.


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