Orange is a comic series about the friendship of a group of six high school students in Matsumoto city in Nagano Japan. The lead character is a 16 year old female high school student named Naho Takamiya. In the spring of her second year in high school, she receives a letter from herself ten years in the future. The letter is a plea asking her to prevent a future tragedy. The author, Ichigo Takano, actually lived in Matsumoto city where the story is set, and she stated that Matsumoto is a city that she loves dearly.

The six protagonists are very close friends, and their beautiful friendship revolves around the city of Matsumoto. The comic reminds readers how wonderful friendship can be. Five volumes of the graphic novel have been published, with the fifth volume completing the story. Total sales of the graphic novel have exceeded 1,400,000 copies in Japan and has been translated into nine languages.

The comic was adapted into a live action film which will be released on December 12 of this year.

Orange Movie Official Website http://www.orange-movie.com/

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