Orphan From Iran Becomes Entertainer in Japan

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Sahel visits Iran in 2014

Sahel Rosa is an entertainer in Japan. She works as a commentator, MC, and actress on Japanese television.

Sahel was born approximately in 1985 in a small port town in Kurdistan. Kurdistan is an area in the western part of Iran and eastern part of Iraq. When she was four years old, Rose lost both of her parents and all ten of her siblings in Iraqi airstrikes. Due to this, there is some uncertainty regarding her exact age. Sahel was heavily injured as well and trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building for four days. She was discovered by Flora Jasmine, a volunteer searching for stranded civilians in a battlefield. After three years at an orphanage, Sahel was adopted by Flora. However, Flora’s parents did not support the adoption and Flora and Sahel sought safe haven in Japan where Flora’s fiance lived. Soon afterwards Flora and her fiance split, leaving Flora working to support herself and Sahel. At times it was difficult for Flora to find a job, and she and Sahel would struggle to make ends meet – even having to spend some time sleeping in a park. In addition to poverty, Sahel also suffered from bullying at school.

In the midst of such harsh circumstances, what kept Sahel going was her adopted mother’s endless support. Flora would tell her, ”You survived because you have a special purpose. Take pride in that.” After, Sahel begin her career as an actress in Japan, though she started lecturing about peace and war and spends time visiting a special orphanage in Japan, stating “I survived in order to talk about the truth of war.”

(Source: Tokyo Shimbun, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hUuo4D-NAg, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V21Dz_47YQ)

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