Peach in Peach Frappuccino by Starbucks Japan

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Japanese Peach

Between July 15th and August 31st, Starbucks Japan will be selling the Peach in Peach Frappuccino for the first time. The Peach in Peach Frappuccino contains both diced peach chunks, as well as peach jelly, resulting in a very strong peach flavor. It tastes just like drinking a peach. Some describe the drink as merely a peach frappuccino, however it deserves more credit than that as it is obviously much more. The drink is not too sweet, bringing forth the natural flavor of the peach rather than burying it under sugar. The cool and fruity taste refreshes you, helping you to forget the scorching heat of the Japanese summer. Despite being a bit more pricey at 658 yen for a tall, the drink has become quite popular, with some locations temporarily running out of stock.





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