Pikotaro’s Producer Announces Marriage

Kosaka Daimao (44), the producer of Pikotaro (53), announced that he got married on August 3rd to the swimsuit model, Hitomi Yasueda (29), and on the next day he blogged about this special announcement. According to the blog post, he met Yasueda about five years ago and as he got to know her, he was attracted to her sweetness, diligence, sensitivity, and strong heart, leading him to decide on wishing to spend the rest of his life with such a wonderful woman. In the blog post, there are two photos which feature what appears to be two couples (Kosaka Daimao and Yasuda, Pikotaro and his wife Tami (79).

When Pikotaro was talking about his wife in his press conference at the FCCJ last year, he mentioned that she looked like a piranha because her teeth are sticking out which he claimed to be very cute in his perspective. However, in the photo Tami’s teeth are not sticking out at all, and she does not look like a piranha.

Kosaka is wearing a T-shirt with an apple print and a suit featuring several fruits as the pattern, whereas Yasuda is wearing a T-shirt  and a skirt that both have pineapples printed on them, which seems to be a tribute to Pikotaro’s worldwide hit song, “PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” that Kosaka produced.

Kosaka Daimao is a comedian and his given name is Kazuhiro Kosaka; Daimao means a great demon king. Both Pikotaro and Kosaka Daimao claim that they are completely different individuals, and they can read each other’s minds and share the same information. They call this connection, “blue tooth”. However, most Japanese people regard them as the same person.

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