Pirates Summer Battle “Get Wet!”

The Pirates Summer Battle, “Get Wet!” show will be taking place at the Mideterranean Harbour in DisneySea from July 11th to August 31st. This is a show featuring Pirates of the Caribbean, as pirates of Captain Barbossa gather around the stages of Mediterranean Harbour, and try to recruit new members to be pirates. Before the show starts, the pirates walk around the stage and talk to the audience, asking if there is anyone that wants to be a pirate. They encourage audience members to join them in cheering “yoh-ho!” and fist pumping into the air. The show has everybody practicing to become a full-fledged pirate while soaked in water. Pirates throw water from buckets and cups at the audience, and water also shoots out from the ground. While the training is taking place on the stage, Jack Sparrow in a ship appears and eventually steps on the stage, indicating that the party is beginning.

The show takes place three times a day (9:35~, 11:45~ and 14:45~). The duration of one show is about 20 minutes.

The first show’s seating is first come first serve, but the shows after require you to win a raffle ticket. You can draw a raffle ticket either through your smart phone or in person at the Bigletteria building in the park. Drawing a raffle ticket on your smartphone can be done from the time the park opens until one hour before the show starts. Drawing a raffle ticket at Bigletteria can be done from the time the park opens until 45 minutes before the show starts.

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